What is the tik tok trend for skin care 2023?

This involves using an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and sunscreen, followed by a water-based cleanser to cleanse the skin. In reality, this is not a new trend. It has been popularized for many years starting with K-Beauty and it is likely that you have found a new life with a new generation on TikTok. I even remember when facial treatments with snails were all the rage: instead of using extracts from snail excretions, these treatments literally made snails crawl across the face.

While ancient healing traditions have used snail mucin for a myriad of healing treatments, scientific evidence is limited. In addition, many of the effects of snail mucin can be reproduced by alternative methods that exclude snails. One of the most recent trends to emerge in the K-Beauty ecosystem. The use of the salmon pin, which stands for polydeoxyribonucleotides, an extract derived from salmon sperm that reduces inflammation and promotes healing, is suggested.

However, some, like this one, are unique in their appeal. In our case, we would wait for more research to be done to arrive at this trend. It is likely that, as in the case of snail mucin, there are already better researched and proven methods to achieve similar results. Although it must be admitted that salmon sperm has an interesting marketing twist.

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