How have makeup products changed over time?

Makeup has enthralled us for centuries. The makeup formulation dates back to ancient Egypt, when men and women wore their distinctive eye makeup. The first recorded use of cosmetics dates back to 3000 BC. C., during the first Egyptian dynasty.

The upper class used makeup to “decorate a person's eyes and differentiate them from the lower classes”. During this time, both upper-class men and women wore makeup daily. Just as fashion trends come and go, makeup trends are constantly evolving. Over the past 100 years, society has changed its idea of what the ideal makeup face looks like.

We have also evolved our technology, so the type of makeup has changed in a positive way, with more advanced makeup products and new skin care tools. In this era, women's makeup used thick foundation, pink blush, and bold lip colors. Women did glamorous makeup in the '50s. Heavy makeup products were used to achieve a flawless look, such as cream foundations underneath a compact powder.

Light blush on the cheeks, eyeliner in the shape of a small wing and mascara became popular retro makeup trends. For centuries, women have been wearing makeup. It has undergone some pretty drastic changes between how makeup is used, what is used to make up, and who wears makeup. This year, the soft, fuzzy eyeliner trend has displaced liquid eyeliner from first place among popular eye makeup trends.

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